The most fun dance festival of Limburg!

Saturday, August 31


Sunday, September 1


Weekend ticket, 31 aug + 1 Sept


VIP Tickets from

  • Separate entrance to the party location, you don’t have to wait in cue.
  • You will get a special VIP bracelet. With this bracelet you get exclusive entrance to the VIP deck.
  • The price includes unlimited drinks. Premium sodas (Coke, Fanta, 7-up etc.), Premium beer and wines (white (dry/sweet), red and rosé)
  • You have a really good view of the mainstage
  • The VIP deck is covered for rain and has its own (luxury) toilet facilities, a lounge area and chairs.
  • From 17PM till 21PM you can enjoy free luxury fingerfood from Smaak & Vermaak.

(Prices do not include service charges)

Castle Of Love Festival is back for the 14th year in a row! On Saturday, August 31 and Sunday, September 1st is the medieval Castle Erenstein in Kerkrade again the setting of Castle Of Love – the most fun dance event of Limburg!


This year is going to be fairylike! Check the website regularly for the latest news!
  • Minimum age for admission to the event is 18. It is mandatory in the Netherlands to have identification with you, so there may also be asked for. Copied identity and (school) cards are not accepted!
  • Once you are at the event site, it is not possible to go outside and re-enter. In other words, re-entering is paying the entrance fee again!
  • Chances are you will be inspected / searched. By refusing inspection, your ticket will be occupied and you will be denied access to the event. Female visitors are entitled to inspection by a woman.
  • The possession or use / consumption of all drugs is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. In the case of drugdealing, police will be notified immediately.
  • Possession of knives, firearms and other kind of weaponry is strictly prohibited and detection or presence in a person is immediately reported to the police.
  • Damage and / or theft of goods is strictly prohibited and leads to report to the police.
  • It is not allowed to bring your own drinks or food.
  • The possession of glassware or other related objects is prohibited.
  • The organization always has the right to refuse admission to people or groups to without giving any reason or right to refund of entrance fees.
  • Urinating in public is prohibited. When noticing it, you will be removed from the site and possibly followed by being fined.
  • Violent behavior, discrimination, provocation and harassment will not be tolerated.
  • When entering the event, you automatically allow image registration and use of these images / photos.
  • Nonprofessional video / camera equipment is allowed. If you want to professionally film the event, permission from the organization is required.
  • Entering the event site is done at your own risk. The organization accepts no liability for pecuniary and / or physical harm to the event site.


VIP rules:
In limited circumstances, you can get access to our VIP / relationship deck. The following conditions apply here:

  • To have access to a VIP wristband that can be picked up at the box office entrance.
  • Loss of VIP wristband is at your own risk.
  • VIP wristbands are personal and not transferable. Any evidence of fraud will lead to removal of the premises of the people involved.
  • It is not permitted to allow other guests on the relationship deck.
  • VIP access means no additional charges for the visitor! The organization reserves the right to deny people access to the VIP or the festival, without reason or refund of entrance fees.

Besides these conditions, the usual house rules Castle Of Love Festival applicable.

There’s also the opportunity to chill out on the camping ground during the weekend of Castle of Love. The local soccer club offers their club as a base for the real die-hards. Assure yourself of a camping spot by contacting the soccer club!


Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.):

Saturday the 31th of August and Sunday the 1st of September.
Start: both days at 1pm
Close:  both days at 11pm

Castle Of Love Festival takes place on the beautiful grounds of Castle Erenstein in Kerkrade: one of the most distinctive castle locations Limburg has to offer. The site is easily accessible by car and public transport. Chevremont train station is 500 meters away from the festival grounds.

Kasteel Erenstein
Oud Erensteinerweg
6468 PC Kerkrade

Public transport:
We encourage you to come by train. Chevremont train station is 500 meters away from the festival grounds.

Want to come by car? Average driving time:
Aachen-Kerkrade: 15 minuten
Maastricht-Kerkrade: 25 minuten
Eindhoven-Kerkrade: 1 Stunde 15 minuten
You must be at least 18 years old to access Castle Of Love Festival. ID is required!
There is no dress code, but of course you dress up at your best! This year, this is obviously ‘fairytale-like’.
Buy a ticket as early as possible for Castle Of Love Festival in Kerkrade and enjoy a favorable purchase price!

Regular tickets (limited)
Saturday or Sunday: € 32.95
Weekend: € 47.95
* Prices shown do not include service charges

Other tickets
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